Fear: Crushing the Fear of Public Speaking

Do you know the #1 Fear of people?

Public speaking!

A fear I'm not immune to in the slightest bit. In fact, I feel sheer terror from the thought of having to speak in front of a crowd! So much so that I've avoided it at all costs, and I mean, ALL costs.

Call in sick, not show up, vanish were my default response on days I had to give a speech or stand before an audience.

Though I realized, to grow as a writer and author, I needed to get this handled!

So one year ago this week, I took action by joining an organization to improve my public speaking.

Having done and taught so much personal development, I knew it was a matter of just doing it enough

...or so I hoped.

From that moment, I practiced, practiced, and practiced giving speeches or doing any roles that got me in front of people.

There were numerous moments I questioned the decision, thinking there must be easier ways to market and promote myself.

But I knew the key was consistency

No matter what excuse my mind came up to give up or take a break, I kept at it.

In the past 12 months, I wrote and gave over 25 speeches, and performed countless other roles at the organization.


Few months ago, I was offered an opportunity to keynote an event

Excitement and fear coursed through my body, but I accepted the challenge head on...and practiced some more.

Last night, I gave that keynote to an audience of 60+ people. I was the main speaker and spoke for an 1 hour & half.

It's the first event I've done like that.


It was a hit!

Fundamental principles I teach of action & consistency came through.

Hope this inspires you to take action and stay consistent with something in your life.

Keep on keeping on :)


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