Fear: The Only Way to Overcome Fear

fear overcome fear Oct 10, 2019

In this newsletter, you'll learn the only way to handle fear's crushing grip.

I'd like to first start by saying:

Everyone gets it wrong with fear

They talk about it as this evil that needs to be overcome and eliminated.

That's because they think of only the overt and intense forms of fear such as those to skydiving, public speaking, or snakes.

This is one manifestation of fear, however,

Fear is coursing through you all the time, all hours of the day

1. When entering a room, fear streams up and down the body to help you maneuver through everything inside.

2. When you see someone that looks sketchy, a twinge of fear will warn you to be careful.

3. The same twinge will arise to remind you that you left the oven on.

4. Fear also shows up when talking, steering you to select the right words to ensure what comes out makes sense.

Next time you’re in conversation, notice this fear, as slight as it may be, coming in and out directing your words. It even directs your interactions. If talking to a boss, fear will ensure your body language and posture are appropriate for the person and situation.

In many ways, fear is a friend and a guide

If you hear people saying you need to remove or eliminate fear, know they don’t truly understand this emotion.

That’s because you can’t eliminate fear.

It’s always there, intertwined into your being.

Fear is YOU!

To deny fear is to deny your very existence.

Instead of eliminating fear, it's best to work with the fear

By working with fear, like a well-trained animal, it becomes an ally and friend.

If you have a fear about a meeting, yet it goes well, the fear learns not to show up there. If you jump on a decision that doesn’t go well, it warns you the next time you jump into something.

Over time you develop a relationship with the fear so it becomes a guide, warning you about potential mistakes and dangers while opening the door to action where those dangers don't exist.

Through this process, you and the fear become allies to tackle anything the world throws at you.


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