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productivity Aug 29, 2019

Over half the year is gone, and before we know it, the new year will be approaching and we’ll be thinking about goals and resolutions again.

This got me thinking, I want you to do more, have more and be more!

Seriously, I really want you to finish this year strong and start the next year stronger.

Having written 10 books, traveled to 100 countries, passed the CPA, and developed many skills like yoga, photography, and more,

I’ve learned two things:

1. You can’t plan for the new year in the new year. It must be done sooner

2. Learning the science behind productivity is the way, and really the only way, to do more, have more, and be more…whether that’s this year, next year, or in life!

For this reason, I’ve partnered with some of the top productivity experts and best-selling authors to give you, yes you, for free, yes free, their books - NO CATCH!

These are fantastic resources whether you’re a writer, waiter, blogger, marketer, mommy, entrepreneur - no matter what you do or would like to accomplish.

These books will be available next week September 3 – 4.

They are available for only a 48-hour window, which is why I wanted to send this email to give you a heads up.

Don’t worry though, I’ll send a reminder on then as well.

Hope you grab a copy...or all :)

Have a great Labor Day Weekend (that’s for those in the U.S., for my readers abroad, have a great weekend as well)


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