How Reading Faster Can Improve Reading Compression

How Reading Faster Can Improve Reading Compression

Do you have a hard time understanding written material?

Do you read  paragraph after paragraph only to find you haven't understood anything?

So you slow down, but your comprehension slides further.

This may sound counter intuitive, but the solution is to speed up your reading.

Yes, speed it up!

Let me explain...

Reading too slow can actually hinder comprehension

That is because, by the time you reach the end of a sentence, you may have forgotten the words in the beginning. 

Or by the time you reach the end of a paragraph, you may have forgotten the sentences in the beginning or middle.

So you are not able to grasp the meaning.

And the process continues as you move through a passage. 

Not understanding one sentence will prevent  from understanding the paragraph, which will then prevent you from grasping the point of the overall piece.

Reading requires a certain degree of continuity and flow between words, sentences, and paragraphs

That only happens by reading at a reasonably quick pace

A slow pace, no matter how much we try, prevents the mind from getting into the necessary flow for comprehension.

You may understand the individual words you're reading, but not the overall meaning of a sentence.

Again, not understanding a sentence will prevent you from understanding a paragraph, which will prevent you from understanding the bigger points or ideas being made.

So if you have difficulty understanding written material, you may be reading too slow.

The solution is to speed up your reading

You’ll find that you are able to understand more, more quickly.

And it may seem like you shouldn’t be able to understand so much so easily, but the reality is, you can.

The words miraculously begin to make more sense.

You don’t have to work to make sense of the words, the mind just picks up the meaning.

All that is required is to pick up your pace.

Now there are many ways to pick up pace when reading. 

One is to simply start reading more.

This is one way, but it is not as effective as some others.

If you are going to change your reading habits, it’s best to learn the best, most effective habits and start with them.

It’s a waste of time and effort to change habits if those habits don’t give you good results.

You can find some effective habits that will have you practically inhaling information in Speed Reading: Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 hour.

It offers many techniques to improve both reading speed and comprehension, so you’ll learn to take more information in and comprehend more.

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