Concentration: A Simple Question that Will Have You Focused for Hours on End

Happy Valentines Day, or for some, Single Awareness Day :)

If you read the free book Triple Your Reading, Memory, and Concentration in 30 Minutes, you learned that there is a mechanism in the mind that is designed to seek answers anytime a question is posed.

Anytime a question is asked, a mental process is triggered that begins seeking possible answers.

It doesn’t matter what the question is or who asks the question, the mechanism simply begins searching for possible answers and explanations.

Since asking questions can engage the mind, it makes questions a great tool for engaging concentration.

All you have to do is ask questions about how to improve focus.

You Might Ask Yourself:

How can I be more focused?

What can I do to engage in this material?

In what ways can I enhance concentration?

Posing such questions triggers the mind to stop whatever it's doing and redirect efforts to finding answers.

What’s interesting is, not only will the mind seek answers on how to be more attentive, but in most cases,

The Mind Will Automatically Become More Attentive

That’s because questions signal to the brain that we desire that outcome, so it will do its best to produce that outcome.

Since the questions signal the desire to pay attention, the brain will work to be more attentive. It will even take the answers it comes up with and automatically put them into action.

So if you experience difficulty paying attention to someone, silently ask yourself:

What is this person saying, what is he or she trying to communicate, or what does this person want me to know and why?

If you can't keep your mind from wandering in class, ask:

How can I pay attention to the speaker, how can I immerse myself in this material, or in what ways will knowing this information help me?

In a different scenario, if you’ve been procrastinating on starting a task or finishing an activity, some powerful questions include:

How can I stay focused on this task for the next hour?

What can I do to keep myself from getting distracted?

How can I get myself to start this assignment right now and complete it on time?

These are some ways questions can direct the mind to focus.

In order to answer these questions, the brain needs to pay attention to the person, speaker, or task, and so it will start paying attention to the person, speaker, or task. You’ll be surprised how quickly the mind will engage in the conversation or activity and on what is being said or done.

These examples address only a few scenarios, though you can use questioning like this in whatever situation you need a boost in attention. Simply ask How can I... and then the outcome you seek.

That wraps up this post.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about directed questions and the different ways to apply it, I dedicate an entire chapter to this technique in my book

Not only does it explain the inner workings of the technique in great detail, but additional scenarios to apply it in and common pitfalls to avoid that can render the technique useless.

You can learn more about the book by following this link.


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