Concentration: The Skill That Matters More than Any Other Skill

Kam Knight again,

If you are on reading this post, you likely read, watch, or listen to personal development or growth material.

If you do, you probably know that every few years, a new self-help expert comes out and claims to have the key to success, achievement, and growth.

One claims that it's motivation, another claims assertiveness, while some other says it’s mastering emotions. Most recently, a book came out asserting that the key trait of all top performers is "grit."

Personally, I don’t think it’s any of these.

I believe

Concentration is the most important skill anyone can develop.

Without concentration, you can’t do anything else. You can’t read a book, listen to a conversation, understand a lecture, or stick with a task.

The skill is essential to decision making, evaluating options, solving problems, staying on time, driving safely, and operating dangerous machinery.

Concentration is also important to relationships, because if you can’t pay attention to people, those interactions can only go so far.

Even traits such as assertiveness, motivation, and grit require concentration to develop, refine, and apply.

Concentration is a big driver to everything you do and affects every area of your live.

– Kurt Vonnegut Jr, American Novelist, said “The secret to success in any human endeavor is total concentration.”

– Jack Nicklaus, regarded as the greatest golfer of all time, said “My ability to concentrate has been my greatest asset.”

– Michael Faraday, the most influential scientist to our daily life, listed concentration as one of the five essential entrepreneurial skills for success.

– Sylvia Porter, one of the most successful writers in America said “I’ve learned ruthless concentration. I can write under any circumstances…street noises, loud talk, music, you name it.”

– Lee Iacocca, automobile executive known for developing the Ford Mustang and reviving the Chrysler Corporation said “The ability to concentrate is everything.”

As you can see,

Concentration is a big deal.

It’s a bigger deal than you can imagine.

In fact, it’s bigger than even that.

Concentration is the single most important skill you can develop.

It’s the skill that matters more than any other skill and is the skill that is key to developing any other skill.

So if there is one skill that you want to put effort on in life, it’s concentration.

Think about it, with strong focus:

Anytime you have an assignment, you can sit down and do it.

When an important email arrives, you can read and respond to it right away.

When you have to clean and organize, you can clean and organize.

You are not sitting around waiting for the right time, the best moment, the ideal advice, or the perfect set of instructions.

You get things done with less effort.

However, when lacking focus, the tendency is to sit around, worry, procrastinate, and spend hours to do today what you should have completed last year.

As important as concentration is, however, it can be difficult to develop. In fact, it might be one of the most challenging to cultivate.

…that is if you don’t have the right approach.

With the right approach, concentration can be manageable, and even fun.

I share dozens of ways in my new book:

It is by far the best book on developing this key life skill. 

Honestly, there is no books like it. You will learn so much about the mind, yourself, why you do what you do...or why you can't get yourself to do what you want to do.

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