Fear: Fear of Unknown

Happy New Year,

The start of every year, I send out the same time, a tip an old friend once gave.

He said if you want to make any behavior or lifestyle change, make sure to work on it the first day of the year.

I’ve done this year after year and it works!

Not only does it work, but amazingly well.

It works well because it encourages us to take the hardest step, the first step.

The reason the first step is so difficult is because of the fear of unknown–the fear of not knowing what will happen.

Fear of the unknown is one of the most powerful force holding you back in life! Few forces in life are stronger.

You see, we live in a world where the slightest brush with the world can end our life.

Get hit by a car, and that’s it.

Take a hard fall, game over.

Catch a serious disease, days are numbered.

Think about Alexander the Great, the greatest military genius of the ancient world. He was so strong and powerful, no one could defeat him.

Yet he died only at the age of 32…by a tiny bacteria.

We are fragile creatures in a world of threats, and those threats can come out of anywhere.

So anytime we do anything new, the mind will trigger the fear of unknown. Even if the venture is as minor as trying a new restaurant or visiting a new store, the fear will arise, and if strong enough, block you from taking action.

The fear of the unknown will also block you from acting on a goal.

That’s because the mind doesn’t know what could happen if you take on the goal....you might get laughed at, injured, find yourself in a difficult situation, lose money, waste time, upset a loved one…a million and one things can happen.

So, instead of taking any chances, the mind will drive you to stick with what is familiar, even if the familiar is boring, painful, and intolerable. We are inherently designed to choose safety over fun, pleasure, and joy.

However, if you can stop whatever you’re doing on new year’s day and call up however much focus, willpower, strength, and energy you need to take action, you get yourself to take that difficult first step.

And the mind will realize, ‘oh this isn’t so bad, I didn’t get laughed at for entering my first gym, I didn’t die trying this new thing, or this wasn’t as bad as I imagined.’

Once that happens, it’ll be easy to take the second step.

And the one after that.

However without the first step, there are no other steps. They aren’t possible, no matter how strong the desire.

So whatever your resolutions may be, try your hardest and darndest to start today. Do something to take the first step.

The step can be anything.

You’ll find it’s not as scary or difficult as you imagined, and even wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

1. So what is your resolution for the New Year?

2. What is the first thing you need to do to get started?

3. Now do your darndest to do that today!

Happy New Years!

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