Goal Setting: Riding the Emotional Ups & Downs of New Years Goals and Resolutions

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Hope you’ve been enjoying the holiday season

Last week I talked about the "3 convincers" - logical, physical, and emotional. I revealed that without logical or physical evidence, our emotions can convince us of all sorts of things, even things that are not true.

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This is one of the most important things you can know about yourself.

Your emotions will pull you into all sorts of commitments

1. They will convince you to set unreasonable goals you are unlikely to achieve.

2. They will convince you that a goal will be fulfilling, when in reality, you’ll be left feeling empty after accomplishing it.

3. Or they'll convince you the goal will be as enjoyable to work on as it was to set.

Emotions will even pull you out of those very commitments

A. While working on one goal, out of the blue, an inspirational rush will convince you a different course of action is the one to take.

B. Even more, you'll be motivated to push hard one week only to find yourself burnt out the next.

C. More importantly, those emotions will convince you to take steps that won't get results or make progress slower than it has to be.

Kinda messed up how we're built!

One minute emotions inspire us to attain a goal, the next minute, those very emotions keep us from achieving them.

Then we feel bad for not sticking with the commitment "the emotions inspired us to take and at the same time kept us from completing!"

If you ever wondered why people do crazy things, this should shed some light.

Though, we're not so crazy if you think about it

That’s because our wanting mechanism works independently of the mechanisms responsible for achieving those wants or keeping you safe.

The wanting mechanism's only job is to create wants. It will run amuck creating endless wants and desires one after another. It sees someone with nice shoes, it wants it. It sees a commercial for a new car, wants that too.

The other mechanisms, like beliefs, habits, and fear, are designed to keep the wants in check. If a goal is not in line with beliefs, then you'll be held back. If it goes against habits, held back as well. If danger is perceived, fear will stop you.

There is more to this, which you can learn about in my online course.

It’s important to understand all this when setting new years goals and resolutions

Emotions of inspiration don't check in with reality to ensure something is "achievable" or "fulfilling."

Also, some emotions aren't necessarily there to help you grow, but to keep the status quo. They'll convince you that it is the former, but in reality, they will sabotage your efforts.

This is why it’s so important to check your emotions with logical and physical evidence

* Are you sure next year will be different than prior years? If so, how - what will make it different?

* Are you sure this goal will truly be fulfilling? How can you ensure your wanting mechanism hasn't run amuck?

* Are you sure the inspirational rush isn't there to pull you away or burn you out. The rush might be saying push a little further, when you really shouldn't. Other times it'll say to stop sooner, when the real growth lies further ahead.

If you only go based on what you're feeling in the moment, then you'll be led in circles.

The challenge of being human is knowing when to trust yourself and when to not

It’s not easy to know the difference, but that's when looking for logical and physical evidence helps.

A rule of thumb that's helped me is when I'm flooded with emotions of confidence and excitement, it's a sign that I slow down and "logically" think things through.

When I'm standing in doubt, it's important to look for "physical" signs that I can handle it.

Well, this concludes the tread from the last few weeks, and thus, marks the last newsletter of the year.

Hope it helps you achieve all your new year’s goals and resolutions.

Happy Holidays and talk to you next year,


P.S. If you're interested in the online course, you can learn about it by clicking here.

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