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Uncategorized Mar 21, 2020

Happy Saturday,

If you've been staying at home due to the recent events, I bet more and more days are starting to feel like Saturday.

If there is a silver lining to all this, it is that we get to enjoy more Saturdays :)

Couple days go I offered a simple, yet extremely powerful tip to develop strong health & immunity. Many of you responded with thanks and relief and I appreciate that. (If you missed the post, catch it here).

Today I want to offer another tip just as powerful if not more.

Yes, if not more!

That tip is visualization.

Visualization is more or less creating an image in your mind. It is using the imagination to sketch a picture, scene, or process.

Emile Coue, psychologist and founder of the method of healing and self-improvement through affirmations, says "When the imagination and will power are in conflict, it is always the imagination which wins, without any exception."

That means if your will is to be safe, secure, and healthy, but your mind is playing images of lack, sickness, and ill-health…

Guess what?
It's the latter that shows up.

The image you hold naturally move you in that direction

This is the reason skiers and race car drivers are taught never to look at obstacles they want to avoid, but instead the direction that will maneuver them around those obstacles.

This applies to healing and health.

To improve health and remain fit, it’s important hold images of health…despite everything else going on.

Visualization is a great way to change your mental images

Again, there is a lot of science to back this claim, but I won't bore you with the details.

So, if you are worried about the corona virus, getting sick, or are generally not in good health, I wrote a simple exercise this morning for you to practice.

Here is how it goes…

1. Close your eyes

2. Take a deep breath, hold it for 5 seconds, and exhale as you say relax.

3. As you breathe in, imagine healing energy entering your body. See this energy flowing into your lungs, entering your blood vessels, and dispersing to all corners of your body, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, through every inch of your being.

4. As mentioned, this is healing energy, so picture it's healing power curing and restoring all parts of your body – from your heart, lungs, and stomach to the fiber, tissue, and bone.

- See your heart beating stronger, steadily pumping blood where it is needed.

- Picture your lungs breathing freely, easily taking in living giving oxygen.

- Notice your muscles flexible and strong, and getting stronger.

- Your organs are healthy, communicating and working in unison with each other.

- Continue to observe the healing energy entering your body.

 - If you have pain or an issue in a specific area or region, see the healing energy move to that area restoring it to full vitality.

- Notice each individual cell repairing and coming back to life.

5. Whatever sickness you had, have now, or will have in the future is disappearing right before your eyes.

Your entire being is full of life, vitality, and health.

You are calm, at peace, and have health, wealth, and security.

6. Sit in the feeling as long as you like.

When you're ready, feel free to open your eyes and come back to the present.

Visualization is the most powerful tool you have to create, maintain and enhance your health

We have been taught that health begins and ends in the body or that we have no control over it.

Time and time again, hopeless conditions such as cancer have been known to spontaneously go into remission and even vanish.

The so-called “miracle” is dismissed, because it doesn’t fit with what we’ve been taught.

Though now, even mainstream science is beginning to recognize health benefits of visualization.

If you are ill, certaintly seek medical attention

At the same time, add this to your prescription as both a preventive measure and to promote recovery.

If you have a lot of doubt when doing the exercise, let them be there.

It's better to remove doubt and have full confidence in the images, though it’s not necessary.

Remember, it's the pictures that win, so continue to play the images despite the doubt, whether the doubt is in your mind or else where.

I hope you enjoyed this

If so, let me know, would like to hear from you and see how you are doing.

I'm going to offer more tips in the coming days, so make sure to read them.

Again, feel free to share or forward this email to anyone who you think can benefit.



P.S. If you'd like to learn more about visualization, you can in my book. It offers cutting edge insight on how to use mental images to overcome stress, state of lack, and attract abundance during these tough times.

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