Intention: Power of Intention

intended intention Oct 31, 2019

Happy Halloween,

Since Halloween is about the bad and scary, in this newsletter, I'd like you to reflect on those things in your life.

Think about the areas that are not or have not gone well, parts that make you angry, upset, dread, or you just plain dislike or hate.

Have you gone through a divorce?

Lost a job?

Failed an exam?

Got into an accident?

Did a girl reject you?

A guy not calling you back?

Fall ill?

What would you say if I told you,

You intended all that!

Whatever is going wrong in your life, in one way or another, you intended.

I know what you're thinking...


What do you mean I intended that!

Why would I intend a car accident, a break-up, or why would I intend to fall ill and create pain for myself.

I don't know why you would, but you did.

Everything that has happened in your life, good or bad, you intended in one way or another.

I know…

This is a tough idea to buy.

It was tough for me too.

At first, it didn’t make any sense. My reaction was similar to most, how could that be, why would I do this to myself?

After thinking intensely about it, I realized, if I truly didn’t want these things to happen, I could have done something.

To not get laid off, I could have developed skills to make myself more valuable. To not go through a breakup, I could have been a better boyfriend. To not have an accident, I could have been more careful. To not bomb an interview, I could have prepared differently.

Our life is a manifestation of our conscious or unconscious intentions.

I won’t spend too much time selling this idea, but when I came to accept it, a magical shift happened.

I became the director of my life.

I realized, if I am responsible for intending the negative, I can intend something else or better.

Here's what I mean:

In the several decades of traveling and flying, I’ve never missed a flight. Ever.

Missing a flight is expensive, a big hassle, and throws my schedule off. Therefore, I try hard to avoid it, whether that involves leaving unusually early, packing days before, planning my route, having a backup plan, or not having a packed scheduled on flight day.

In 20+ years, never missed a flight!

Then I thought, what if I was as intentional with other commitments?

Well, now I'm rarely late, if ever, to anything.

Of all the meetings, classes, appointments, dates, gatherings, and events I have in a given month, and no matter how far they are or the mode of transportation I take, I’m rarely late.

intend to be on time and I am on time.

The more I accept having orchestrated the negative that happens and am intentional about creating positive, the more things have gone well and the more opportunities I’ve created.

If I don’t want to fall ill, I intend to eat healthy. I've only had one cup of coffee in the last four years, only a few pieces of chocolate in the last five years, and haven't had any McDonald, Taco Bell, or Fast/Junk food in over 10 years.

If I don’t want to fail, I intend to succeed. I haven’t watched a movie or show in 2 years and haven’t been to a theater in 4 years. But in that time, I have finished multiple books and other goals.

So, look at what’s not going right in your life and think about all the ways you’ve intended it.

If you don't want the bad or scary to appear, what can you do to "intend" something different?

Happy Halloween,


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