Is the "Good News" Real

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2020

Happy Monday,

Over the last few days, social media posts have been circulating about the “good news” around the corona virus.

If you haven’t received or read them, they list the following to be optimistic about:

• China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital. Not enough new cases to support them.

• Doctors in India have been successful in treating Coronavirus. Combination of drugs used: Lopinavir, Retonovir, Oseltamivir along with Chlorphenamine. They are going to suggest same medicine, globally.

• Researchers of the Erasmus Medical Center claim to have found an antibody against coronavirus.

• A 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for 6 days in Wuhan, China.

• Apple reopens all 42 china stores,

• Cleveland Clinic developed a COVID-19 test that gives results in hours, not days.

• Good news from South Korea, where the number of new cases is declining.

• Italy is hit hard, experts say, only because they have the oldest population in Europe (second oldest in the world).

• Scientists in Israel likely to announce the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

• 3 Maryland coronavirus patients fully recovered; able to return to everyday life.

• A network of Canadian scientists are making excellent progress in Covid-19 research.

• A San Diego biotech company is developing a Covid-19 vaccine in collaboration with Duke University and National University of Singapore.

• Tulsa County's first positive COVID-19 case has recovered. This individual has had two negative tests, which is the indicator of recovery.

• All 7 patients who were getting treated for at Safdarjung hospital in New Delhi have recovered.

• Plasma from newly recovered patients from Covid -19 can treat others infected by Covid-19.

The question is, are these reports real?

After personally researching each of the items, they appear to be.

In fact,, a site that checks the accuracy of urban legends and internet claims, rated this story as “mostly true,” summarizing that:

The claims on the popular “good news” list are generally accurate and supported by credible news reports. The number of new cases in China and South Korea have dropped since the pandemic began, enough so that China has closed its temporary hospitals. A number of patients have also successfully recovered from the disease, and several organizations are working on vaccines for COVID-19

With all the gloom and isolation surrounding the events, it’s important for your mind to receive a dose of positive to keep your health - as well as optimism - high.

There are good news, and they seems reliable

Another good news not on the list:

• Two malaria drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are showing potential in fighting the disease.

Though, as notes, these ”good news” doesn’t mean we are out of the waters yet, but I believe there is more light at the end of the tunnel than it seems.

I hope this has lifted your spirits, even slightly.

Let me know how you’re doing…

If you need to chat, simply hit reply; I’m responding to all replies personally.

Stay safe,


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