Memory: An Unusal Memory Technqiue

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In a previous post, I talked about not relying on your automatic process to remember a thought or idea no matter how great, valuable, important, or obvious. If you missed the post, you can read it here.

To recap, the post said unless information is presented in ways the mind is built to take in, more than likely, it will be lost and forgotten. And the forgetting will happen much quicker than you imagine, within minutes to hours, sometimes even seconds.

So many are held back in life simply because they think they’ll remember a great idea or advice when in fact they don’t. Instead of allowing important advice, instructions, facts, or data to be simply forgotten...

Do something to remember it!

One way  is to use memory techniques, though I don’t believe all information should be stored in your head. Most information is just not useful for the long term and memorizing it would flood the brain with useless information.

For example, a booking confirmation is only useful until you check-in; after that it becomes a trivial list of letters and numbers. I personally don’t see the sense in putting in effort to memorize such info.

If I am going to spend time and effort to remember information, I want to make sure it is practical, noteworthy, or useful for the long-term, such as what I’m learning in class, advice I receive from a mentor, or even a bank account number that is referred to regularly.

For extraneous details like booking confirmations or purchase receipts the best thing to do is note them down.

This suggestion is so obvious, it’s stupid.

Seriously though, if there is anything you want to remember, note it down.

Here are examples of the types of information I note and how:

* Anything I come across on my phone, I take a screenshot, such as confirmations, directions, and receipts. When it’s time to recall those details, I simply pull up the screenshot.

* If I stumble upon a useful website, I bookmark it. When I need to revisit the site, I refer to the bookmark.

* When traveling internationally, I text myself numbers of each new sim card I buy. Anytime I need to share my new number, I simply forward the text.

* When a great idea pops up in my head, I email it to myself. This not only records the thought, but acts as a great reminder when I see the email in my inbox.

* When I have to remember a lot of detail, I take a picture. Recently I went shopping for a new computer, and instead of memorizing the product description and features of all the models, I simply took pictures with my camera phone.

* And with anything else, I jot in my notebook in the form of a to-do list.

Not relying on my mind to automatically remember these details, or worse, straining to memorize them has made all the difference. I no longer waste time scrambling for that lost idea, important website, features of a new product, or figuring out what I need to do.

These are some strategies you can use. As mentioned, some details you want to note down using your phone or organizer, others you can memorize with memory techniques.

With the right techniques, you can quickly and easily push crucial facts, rules, and procedures into unconscious memory for recall later.

You can learn more about these techniques, how to use them, and with different types of information in my book:

It’s a powerful guide that teaches ways the mind uses and stores information and how to use that knowledge to quickly, easily, and efficiently put information into long-term storage.

In addition to recording information in long-term storage, there is a section on enhancing short-term memory, so you can hold and work with more pieces of data in the moment to skyrocket your thinking, problem solving, and intelligence.

If you haven’t already got your copy, you can do so at

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Hope you enjoyed this post. It took me a while to put together, so I wish you found it useful.



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