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Hi again,

Last month I was invited to guest on two podcasts.

One with Drew Taddia who runs the Exploring Mind and Body. Drew, like myself, has a different perspective and an ‘outside the box’ way of thinking. He rarely believes in the norm and doesn’t have a problem sharing his opinion that goes against what we’ve been taught for years. We talked about a lot of fun topics around improving mental performance.

You can check out our show at http://exploringmindandbody.com/simple-steps-to-improve-your-memory/

The other interview was with Dr. Richard Shuster. Richard is a neuropsychologist with a very fascinating background and experience helping people. He runs the Daily Helping Podcast and his show’s focus is to help you become the best version of yourself possible, and in doing so, make the world a better place. In our time, we went deep into the mind to explore ways to make it function better.

You can check out this show at: https://www.thedailyhelping.com/85

I recommend that you watch both shows, not just the ones with me, but their other interviews as well. Drew and Richard interview quality guests who have important and worthwhile messages to share about doing more, having more, and being more in life.

Hope you enjoy them,

Until next week,


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