Morning Routine: Happy 4th of July

mourning routine routine Jul 04, 2019

Hello again,

Happy Fourth of July! For those not from the States, today is a special holiday to celebrate this country’s independence.

A friend invited me to celebrate by watching the sun rise over Lake Michigan (the main lake of Chicago), a tradition she’s been observing for nearly 30 years.

Though, watching a sunrise means waking up 5 in the morning, which is extremely early for me. However, thought it was a different way to celebrate the holiday, so woke up at 4:30 a.m. and took the metro over to the beach.

And boy am I glad I did. It was magical. Being at the lake, chatting with people, meeting new friends, and adoring the sun as it came up over the horizon was very nurturing.


It was a very mixed group we were, from the U.S., Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, African American, Latin America, coming together in ‘respect’ for each other's experiences and backgrounds.

Speaking of respect, I recently did an interview on The Respect Podcast with Mike Domitrz, an internationally renowned speaker and critically-acclaimed author building a culture of respect.

It was a great podcast, where I veered from my traditional topics and talked about communication and passivity. O.k., I still talked a little bit about the mind :) but with a unique perspective.

Here are the links to the show:

Website Link:

Apple Podcasts / iTunes Link:

Spotify Link:

Google Podcasts:

Hope you enjoy it,


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