Productivity: Problem with Personal Development

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Last week, I started a thread on productivity, talking about the problem with personal development and how personal development experts and gurus get it wrong in couple ways.

One is they focus too much on motivation, pumping people with inspiration and enthusiasm. Some seminars I’ve attended, the audience is pumped so much with motivation, you’d think they were going to explode.

Another area where personal development experts get it wrong is focusing on techniques

They provide an array of tips, solutions, systems, practices, procedures, and methods. They tell you what to do, break it down into steps that seem simple, give examples and scenarios of how to use it, then tell the story of their struggle or stories of their customer’s success.

The focus is all on the solution. The solution is this, the answer is that, the trick is here, the outcome is through there, do this, like that, with this, and in such a way.

I don’t believe most people need techniques

Most of us already know what we need to be doing.

Let me illustrate with a personal story.

When I first got into personal development, I was reading a lot of books and listening to a lot of tapes. Back then, there was no YouTube, Podcast, Facebook, Mp3s, so audios were listened to on cassette tapes.

Anyways, I wasn’t getting the results being promised, so I made an extreme decision to stop listening to all the experts and explore this area on my own, developing my own ideas and thoughts on the topic (I’m sure you can tell from my posts, I have a bit of bitterness towards the industry).

Now, I’m back listening to these guys again. It’s interesting because the landscape has changed a lot. with a new breed of experts in the community. What hasn’t really changed is the content. When I listen to the guys that have large followings, not only are they saying the same things, but much of it is common sense. It’s just said in a different way, using different stories or analogies.

In fact, a particular person I’m thinking of right now claims to be the most followed development expert in the industry and he constantly ends his advice with "its common sense, but not common practice," which is him admitting how common sense his advice is. Not that there is anything wrong with it as I myself follow him.

The point is, you know what to do

You already know!

You have heard it before or could figure it out on your own.

It’s just that you are not putting it into practice.

So, this is another area where I believe experts get it wrong, they focus too much on the techniques.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying motivation and techniques are bad

We all, and I mean all, need a daily dose of inspiration to keep moving forward.

More importantly, techniques are the reason we seek out experts!

However, something is missing, which is why I stepped away from the community for a period.

And that something I’ll discuss next week,


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