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productivity May 27, 2019

Happy Tuesday,

Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the summer.

I’m in Chicago, and can you believe, summer has yet to arrive here. It’s almost June, and I still wear a jacket when leaving the house. Last night felt like winter, so unbelievable.

In this newsletter I want to share some things I've been doing as people have been asking.

Recently I visited Colombia to see some old friends and new places. It was a really nice break from the writing, publishing, and Chicago cold. I’ve included some pictures below.

Though my trip wasn’t all fun and games, was still diligently working while there. I'm putting together an online course on productivity. It’s all about doing more, taking action, getting more done, and making changes.

Much has been discussed about this, but not like this course. This course dives into the inner processes of the mind to understand what makes taking action so difficult. I mean, if I want to do something, the mere desire should be enough to get up off that chair and take action.

But that rarely happens, if ever.

Desire rarely equates to action

That’s because before you can act on anything, the decision is evaluated by the mind using a host of criteria. It’s like going through a checklist to ensure everything is aligned and in order. If not enough or the right items are aligned, you can’t act. No matter how much you try or how much you force yourself, you can't move forward.

This course uncovers what those criteria are, how they manifest, and provides a series of expertise to not only take action but stick with it to the end.

I’ll be talking more about that over the next few weeks.

Until then,


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