Productivity: Seeing the Code

Hello again,

Last few weeks, you’ve been learning about productivity and taking action. You learned that taking action is much more complex than merely a matter of choice.

Not understanding or denying that complexity is where people fall short. They assume it’s about choice, but it’s not. They assume because it is easy for others, it should be easy for them, but it’s not!

To make real progress, or for some, any progress, it’s important to understand who we are as humans, how we are built, what makes us tick, the criteria used to evaluate decisions, reasons we are held back, and how all of that manifests.

By not understanding that, you become just another statistic:

92% Fail to Achieve Goals

25% Give Up After 1st Week

Over 50% Fall Back after Achieving

It’s for this reason I am launching my first online course, to address the real challenge of doing, and simply put, taking action.

Have you ever:

Signed up to a gym and not gone?

Started a diet, but didn’t stick with it?

Wanted to learn a skill, but just didn’t?

Attended a seminar, workshop, or training, but failed to take training to real world?

Bought a book, but not apply the advice?

Bought a book, but not read it?

Wanted to do something, but no matter how hard you tried, couldn’t?

It all comes down to not understanding the complexity of the human mind

This is what the course addresses.

It dives into the utmost depth of your being, essence, and core to help you understand the most deep-rooted blocks to doing more, being more, and having more in life.

It’s a culmination of my journey exploring the mind, which has spanned 15 years, 100 countries, working with various teachers, gurus, and professionals, including some of the top and well-known in their craft.

After going through the course, you will be like Neo in the Matrix

You will start to see the world, humans, and above all, yourself, in code. You see the programming code driving and holding you back. Once you can see the code, you can work around it.

Best of all, you can change the code. You will no longer be trapped in the matrix of your mind. The course will be release very soon, so keep an eye out for more information.

Hope you are excited about it as I am,


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