Productivity: The Reason I'm Asking You to Stop Following Me

The past month or so, I covered important tips to make you productive. To recap, anytime you come across useful or valuable advice:

1. Write It Down

2. Retrieve It from Memory

3. Take Action on It

The sooner, the better.

This week, I'm going to cap-off the discussion with one last suggestion, which is

Limit the amount of personal development content you read, listen, or watch

These days there are so many internet articles, online videos, podcasts, seminars, blogs, and newsletters providing so much personal growth information, even if you lived ten lives, you couldn’t put into practice what is produced in a single day.

There is just too much!

Too much of anything becomes it’s opposite, and that applies to personal development as well.

Too much personal development becomes a form of creative avoidance that keeps you from taking action, because instead of taking action, you consume more advice.

It’s easy to get lost reading, listening, and watching everything that’s out there instead of taking action.

Pick 2 to 3 blogs, newsletters, or podcasts that you really like and stick to just them

Focus only on two to three sources and be intentional about applying what they say.

If they offer something useful, follow the above steps of noting, retrieving, and putting to action.

When I say focus only on them, I truly mean, focus only on them!

Don’t read, listen, or watch anything else.

In fact, unsubscribe from the rest!

And I truly mean unsubscribe.

Don’t let the rest hit your sights.

If that includes my blogs, so be it

That is, if you have 2 to 3 go to places for quality content, and don’t find these posts as valuable, that’s o.k. It doesn’t hurt or bother me.

I’m o.k. being unsubscribed because that's how much I believe in this suggestion.

The challenge of the current society is not about having, but limiting.

There is so much at our finger tips, we need to guard ourselves from everything else.

The best way to do that is to keep the rest out of sight and out of mind

When there is too much in sight, the mind becomes overwhelmed and lost

Before you can apply one advice, something else comes up, and something else after that.

The mind forgets what it initially learned, so you have to go through additional material for the slight possibility of coming across it again.

In that time, you achieve nothing but consuming content that is now forgotten.

If you limit what you take in, the mind, and hence you, doesn’t get overwhelmed

As a result, you’re not constantly telling yourself, I’ll get started once I go through this course, that book, or this series.

This is not something media developers, growth experts, and content creators want you to know.

They’d rather tell you to consume, consume, and consume more, while putting them on the top of your consumption list.

The reality is, that’s not what you truly need or what’s going to help. What you need is to not get lost in a sea of books, courses, podcasts, and newsletters luring your attention.

In fact, famous therapists like Nathaniel Brandon and R. Don Steele won't see clients for more than 18 months. They know it is detrimental to their clients’ healing and growth if they don't push them into the world to practice what they learned.

Some of you may disagree with this idea

That's likely because your searching for the perfect advice that will magically solve everything, and you don’t want to miss it by limiting your consumption.

The truth is, there is no such thing as a perfect idea or solution.

There isn’t this one key or secret to success.

It’s a combination of things, when applied in the right way and at the right times, that bring results.

But you only discover that by taking action, not sitting around reading and watching.

Now, I’m not saying personal development and growth are bad

Not by a long shot!

That's what this newsletter and my books are all about.

All I'm saying is, take it in strides.

Consume them, don’t let them consume you, and that goes back to keeping a strict limit on how much you read, listen, and watch.

I’ll admit, you may miss important information or key advice from time to time, but know this, mediocre advice applied will give you much more and better results than perfect advice never applied.

That’s all for this week,


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