Productivity: Ways the Mind Tricks and Manipulates You Everyday

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Last week, I talked about how action is not a matter of choice (if you missed it, you can read it here). There is more to action than wanting to act or knowing what to do.

All of our decisions and actions are filtered through the mind using a host of criteria. If the decision or action is not in line with a criteria, the mind will prevent action.

I mentioned two of the criteria, which include identity and authority issues, though there are much more. Too many to discuss in one newsletter...or even a years worth of newsletters.

Luckily, all that doesn't matter as much as how you are being held back

That's because the mind isn't going to tell you it is holding you back or why.

If habits are the culprit, the mind won't say:

this thing you are trying to do goes against habits we've formed over the years, so we're not moving forward


that goal of yours, well, it conflicts with other aspirations you have, so instead of picking the wrong one, we're just going to sit here and do nothing.

Nope, that's not what happens!

Inaction manifests other ways.

It is important to understand the manipulative tricks the mind uses to keep you from acting.

So, what are some of these manipulates tricks?

Well, there are many tricks the mind uses, some of them include:

1. Put it Off

You will put off the activity for a later day, time, or situation. When that later day, time, or situation arrives, you'll put it off again, and keep doing so until weeks, months, or years go by. Each time you put off the activity, you are convinced you'll get to it next time. The reality is, however, the mind is tricking you think you will, but it has no intention of letting you start next time or at all.

2. Busy

Your schedule will fill up with so many things that you will not have time. The busyness won't be random. It will be deliberate. It will seem like you naturally have a lot on your plate, but the truth is the mind is finding ways to keep you preoccupied. So, things that were never a big deal, all of a sudden, become top priority. You'll have an insatiable urge to clean the car, reorganize the closet, or build a new the middle of winter.

3. Prepare

Instead of taking action, you will prepare. That means, you will go into painstaking detail to research and plan what to do, how to do it, and the best way to do it. All the time you can put into doing the task will go instead into preparing to do the task.

These are some of the manipulative tricks of the mind. There are many more that I don't have time to discuss, though are covered in tremendous detail in my new online course, Double Your Productivity in 30 Days.

The course not only discusses all the criteria the mind evaluates and the tricks it uses, but also mindsets, big picture concepts, dozens of techniques for taking action, and even how to go inside and rewire the mind for enhanced performance.

Realize there are all sorts of reasons why the mind will keep you from moving forward, and it has all sorts of tricks to keep you from doing so. More importantly, the mind won't tell you it is doing so. You have to look for the signs.

With that said, if you find yourself putting things off, getting unnecessarily busy, or spending more time in preparation than actual action, those are telltale signs your mind is trying to hold you back from something. Recognize the behavior and snap yourself out.

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