Speed Reading: Improve Reading Speed and Comprehension with Purpose

Many assume that the mind is this one large processing unit that does all these different things.

The reality is, the mind is made up of a collection of parts and each part serves a specific role or function.

You can think of the mind like a smartphone

A smartphone has all sorts of different apps that do all sorts of different things.

The texting app sends and receives messages, the mapping app finds the directions to a location, the internet app allows one to go online and surf the web.

Like apps on a phone, different parts of the brain have their own role or function and are designed for a specific operation.

Though anytime there is a goal, purpose, or objective, all the different parts come together and work in unison.

Say that your friend recommends a new restaurant

You receive the recommendation via the texting app. With the browser app, you go online to read reviews about the restaurant.

You find the location using the mapping app, make a reservation with the phone app, and then use the ride-share app to get there.

So all these apps came together to achieve the goal of trying a restaurant.

The same happens with the mind

With a goal or purpose, all the different parts stop doing what they are doing and huddle around that goal.

As you can see, having a goal or purpose is extremely important.

Purpose is extremely important for reading and comprehension as well

Stating a clear purpose of what you want or hope to get out a reading will make the mind more focused and help you get more out of the material.

The simple act of stating a purpose shifts focus and attention. All of a sudden, the different parts of the mind work together, like a cohesive team, to achieve the desired goal.

When there is no goal or purpose, the different parts are dilly dallying, doing their own thing.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this when reading: one part of the mind is daydreaming, another part is thinking about how angry you are at someone, and yet another part is wondering what’s on T.V.

As a result, you are not able to maintain attention, and therefore, unable to pick up or understand what’s being said.

This is why purpose is so important to reading and comprehension

With purpose, you learn and comprehend material better.

It’s a natural byproduct.

So anytime you begin reading, state your purpose. Determine what it is that you want or wish to get out of the material. A good way to determine purpose is to figure out why you are reading what you are reading.

You’ll be surprised how much this little act aids reading.

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