The Two Forces Driving Your Entire Existence

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2019

Kam Knight again,

Today I want to talk about the two forces driving your entire existence.

They are two opposing forces at the core of everything you can or cannot do.

They include the push to move you toward things, and the pull to move you away

The push encourages action to move forward, try new things, take risks, and push the limits of your boundaries.

The pull restraints action holding you back and keeping you at a stand still.

Think about when you're angry and want to lash out. The push is the wanting to lash out and unleash; the pull is the holding back and restraining from doing something you might regret.

Think also about when you see someone attractive. The push is to walk up and talk to that person and the pull is the doubt holding you back from embarrassment.

These two forces drive your very existence

You want to ask for a raise, but are pulled back from asking.


You want to refrain from dessert, but are pushed to devour it.

Next time the option of dessert stands before you, notice this push-pull happen.

One part pushes you to reach for it. Another part pulls you away saying “no you shouldn't.”

All your struggle, striving, discomfort, pain, and heart break come down to these two opposing forces

Some moments you want to speak up, but are held back. Other moments, you want to refrain, but it comes out anyways.

You want to diet, but can't resist another bite. You want to work out, but can’t push another rep.

Life is a constant push-pull battle.

Joy & happiness is directly proportional to the intensity of these two forces

The stronger they are, the more inner turmoil we experience. We are in a constant battle with ourselves. “Should I do this or should I not.” “Did I make the right choice or not.”

People who have inner peace have less of both. They have a balance between the push-pull. They are not being pushed towered a pursuit nor pulled away. They are fine where they are.

These two forces trigger each other

You may have never cared for dessert, but if you're on a diet and can't have any, all you think about is having some.

You've heard the saying "we want what we can't have?"

Well this is why!

The not having, the pull away, triggers the want, the push toward.


I know, it's crazy how we work!

The opposite also occurs

Our want for something immediately holds us back.

There isn't a reason why we shouldn't move ahead, but for some reason we can't.

The more we want the outcome, the more out of reach it feels.

It may be right in front of us, all we have to do is reach…..

But we can't!

What's more, sometimes we are pushed towards things that are not good for us, while pulled back from things that are.

The fact that it's good for us triggers the pull away.

When it's bad, we're pulled in

Your happiness depends on getting a balance on these two forces


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