Stress: Role of Trauma in Personal Development

Oct 17, 2019

Hey again,

Today I want to talk about an important topic, trauma.

Trauma is a response to a distressing event that overwhelms the mind and diminishes our sense of self and ability to express fully.

A friend and I came to a startling realization the role trauma plays in our lives and how...

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Fear: The Only Way to Overcome Fear

Oct 10, 2019

In this newsletter, you'll learn the only way to handle fear's crushing grip.

I'd like to first start by saying:

Everyone gets it wrong with fear

They talk about it as this evil that needs to be overcome and eliminated.

That's because they think of only the overt and intense forms of fear such as...

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Productivity: Start More Tasks By Managing Expectations

Oct 03, 2019

Hey again,

Last week, I talked about expectations and how they are the main driver to happiness. The mind releases pleasure or pain based simply on expectations, and nothing more.

Understanding this can radically increase your ability to start more tasks and get more done, at an exceedingly high...

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Productivity: Effects of Expectations

Sep 26, 2019


Last night, I came to the startlingly realization that so much of happiness is not dependent on what we have or do, but simply expectations.

That’s it!

The mind releases pleasure or pain based simply on expectations, and nothing more

Let me explain…

• When something small...

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Fear: Crushing the Fear of Public Speaking

Sep 19, 2019

Do you know the #1 Fear of people?

Public speaking!

A fear I'm not immune to in the slightest bit. In fact, I feel sheer terror from the thought of having to speak in front of a crowd! So much so that I've avoided it at all costs, and I mean, ALL costs.

Call in sick, not show up, vanish were my...

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Productivity: Bookgiveaway

Aug 29, 2019

Over half the year is gone, and before we know it, the new year will be approaching and we’ll be thinking about goals and resolutions again.

This got me thinking, I want you to do more, have more and be more!

Seriously, I really want you to finish this year strong and start the next year...

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Memory: Recovering Lost Memories

Aug 22, 2019

Let me ask you a question...

Have you come across minor details that you didn't think was important enough to note or remember, but later it proved important, though you couldn't recall it?

Many of us have these experiences.

Memory techniques are great for memorizing information we are intentional...

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Speed Reading: Unsual Tip to Boost Reading Comprehension

Aug 15, 2019

Do you have trouble comprehending written material.


When reading, do you read page after page of text without understanding a single word?


So you start over, but this time, with a strong intention to make sense of the content, yet within a few sentences, you’re lost again.


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Productivity: Double Your Productivity in 30 Days

Jul 16, 2019

Hello hello,

Last week, I mentioned I was going to discuss a special program that will give you deep insight into your inner blocks and how to overcome them to do morehave more, and be more.

Well, that program is Double Your Productivity in 30 Days, which is now open for a...

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Productivity: Seeing the Code

Jul 09, 2019

Hello again,

Last few weeks, you’ve been learning about productivity and taking action. You learned that taking action is much more complex than merely a matter of choice.

Not understanding or denying that complexity is where people fall short. They assume it’s about choice, but...

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