Memory: Recovering Lost Memories

Aug 22, 2019

Let me ask you a question...

Have you come across minor details that you didn't think was important enough to note or remember, but later it proved important, though you couldn't recall it?

Many of us have these experiences.

Memory techniques are great for memorizing information we are intentional...

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Memory & Productivity: Making Personal Development Work for You

May 13, 2019

The last few newsletters have been discussing ways to put development content to work for you. If you missed them, can read'em here.

They talked about the importance of:

1. Taking Notes

2. Retrieving or calling back information you have learned

Step 3 is to take action on the advice, which is what...

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Memory & Productivity: Is Poor Memory Limiting Your Productivity

May 06, 2019

I’ve been M.I.A.

It’s been over a month since the last time I posted anything.

It wasn’t because I got busy or forgot about you guys.

It was to prove a point

Yes, that’s right, to prove a point!

That point is related to the new topic I had started, of which I made three posts...

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Memory & Productivity: Most Potent Memory Aid for Getting More Done

Apr 01, 2019

Last week, I discussed the importance of taking notes and jotting useful information, specially instructions or advice that come your way.

Doing so is extremely critical to taking action because memory is very fleeting. It leaves as quickly as it arrives.

The #1 reason why people don’t write...

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Memory & Productivity: Accomplish More by Taking Notes

Mar 26, 2019

Last week I talked about how people can become consumers of content, engaging in material without ever really taking action on it.

We will come across a great idea or valuable piece of advice, and have all the intention in the world to put into practice, but for one reason or another, we don't.


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Mind & Memory

Feb 05, 2019

Hi again,

Last month I was invited to guest on two podcasts.

One with Drew Taddia who runs the Exploring Mind and Body. Drew, like myself, has a different perspective and an ‘outside the box’ way of thinking. He rarely believes in the norm and doesn’t have a problem sharing his...

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Memory: An Unusal Memory Technqiue

Jan 15, 2019

Hey there,

In a previous post, I talked about not relying on your automatic process to remember a thought or idea no matter how great, valuable, important, or obvious. If you missed the post, you can read it here.

To recap, the post said unless information is presented in ways the mind is built to...

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Memory: Most Valuable Memory Improvement Tip

Dec 18, 2018

Hope the week has started on the right foot for you. If not, not to worry, I’ve got some great information to share about memory.

As an author for over a decade, I’ve been writing about memory improvement for years.

In that time, I’ve come across many people with many memory...

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Memory: Most Effective Memory Technique You Are Not Using - Part II

Nov 27, 2018

Last week I introduced the concept of retrieval to improve memory.  Retrieval is the act of recalling information from memory instead of looking at your notes or material again. If you missed the post, catch it here.

Studies show retrieval is the most effective memory technique. Not only is...

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Memory: Most Effective Memory Technique You Are Not Using

Nov 20, 2018

The most effective memory technique you're probably not using is retrieval practice.

Retrieval is calling to mind material you've heard, watched, or read, instead of re-hearing, re-watching, or re-reading the material again.

Retrieval works amazingly well because the challenge of learning and...

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