Goal Setting: Key to Sticking with New Years Goals and Resolutions

Jan 01, 2020

Happy New Year!

Hope you enjoyed the holidays and had a great end to 2019.

Every new year, I send a newsletter with a killer tip to help you start the year on the right foot.

It's a newsletter I don't spend a lot of time writing. That's because the tip I offer is the same every year.

It's a tip an...

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Goal Setting: Riding the Emotional Ups & Downs of New Years Goals and Resolutions

Dec 26, 2019

Happy Holidays,

Hope you’ve been enjoying the holiday season

Last week I talked about the "3 convincers" - logical, physical, and emotional. I revealed that without logical or physical evidence, our emotions can convince us of all sorts of things, even things that are not true.

Catch that and...

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Goal Setting: Emotional Influence on New Years Goals and Resolutions

Dec 19, 2019

Welcome back,

Last week, I continued the discussion about the emotional high of setting new years goals and resolutions.

If you remember, we get a rush of feel good emotions not from taking steps toward or achieving a goal, but from merely setting a goal.

Action is not what releases the feel-good...

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