Goal Setting: Real Reason New Years Resolutions Don't Last

Dec 12, 2019

Last week I started a new thread about the new year approaching and setting new year’s goals and resolutions.

The discussion started with the dopamine loop

Dopamine is a pleasure chemical, and more or less, it is not necessarily released with a reward, but in "anticipation" of a reward.


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Goal Setting: Don't Get Caught in a Dopamine Loop

Dec 05, 2019

Hi again,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

If you’re like me, you were bombarded with Black Friday/Cyber Monday must have, limited time, one day only promotions that will end tonight, but we’re going to keep extending it, so you must get it now! deals.

With all that over, let’s...

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Fear: Fear of Unknown

Jan 01, 2019

Happy New Year,

The start of every year, I send out the same time, a tip an old friend once gave.

He said if you want to make any behavior or lifestyle change, make sure to work on it the first day of the year.

I’ve done this year after year and it works!

Not only does it work, but...

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