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Hi, I’m Kam Knight

I'm the founder of MindLily and author of several bestselling books on learning, memory, and productivity. Over 200,000 people have read my material to learn more and do more.

Imagine having the ability to read at the speed of sight, learn at an extraordinary pace, and accelerate your success with unmatched velocity.

I’ll show you how.

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"Kam has a knack for sifting out some of the more useful mind tricks and distilling them into a clear, concise and usable presentation. MindLily is one of the very few blogs that I bother to follow."

Michael Hambly

"I see Kam as a natural and gifted teacher – and what a wealth of experience he has to share both pedagogically and via literature."

Ron Culley

"Kam’s unique insights and perspective have changed my life. "

Denis Veisllari

"I could go on and on about how grateful I am to have discovered Kam's work. I have been through tons of books and audios and there is a lot of mediocre work out there. If it wasn't for your book, I would probably struggle with this for the rest of my life."

Ray Hylton

"We are currently awash in a tidal wave of advice-givers, self-help-gurus, super-coaches, and other baloney hucksters who are wangling their way to a web presence and freedom from their day jobs. “Mind Mapping” by Kam Knight is a refreshing (and rare) departure from this tsunami of rehashed ideas and inspirational fluff."

Matt Hannigan

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